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[Debian Installer <maor-installer@debian.org>] ash_0.2-1_sparc.changes REJECTED

not sure why this came to me...
------- Start of forwarded message -------
Date: 20 Apr 1997 23:44:40 -0000
Message-Id: <19970420234440.29290.qmail@master.debian.org>
From: Debian Installer <maor-installer@debian.org>
To: "Mark W.Eichin" <eichin@kitten.gen.ma.us>
Subject: ash_0.2-1_sparc.changes REJECTED

Rejected: ash_0.2-1_sparc.deb: Old version `0.2-1' >= new version `0.2-1'.

If you don't understand why your files were rejected, or if the
override file requires editing, reply to this email.

Your rejected files are in Incoming/REJECT/.  (Some may also be in
Incoming/ if your .changes file was very badly formed.)  If only some
of the files need to be repaired, you may use the good files from
Incoming/REJECT/.  Please rm the bad files from Incoming/REJECT/.


------- End of forwarded message -------

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