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Numbering policy (was a private discussion between E.Delaunay & D.Barbieri)

Davide Barbieri wrote:
> I have read all the policy manual, but still I'm not
> sure of the policy to use with sparc packages, so I ask you.
> Lars has uploaded a new version of pgp, with HIGHFIRST patch.
Good ;-)

> Supposed that I'm able to recompile Lars package, with
> a dpkg-source -x pgp.dsc and dpkg-buildpackage:
> what I have to do? Simply dupload the package?
> Change the upstrem version? The policy manual states that
> I must change the -n number, but this is stupid: if Lars made
> -1 version, then I made -2 to specify that it is a non-mantainer
> version, than when he will upload -2 version what will happen?

When a package compiles well from Debian sources, you can upload it using the
same revision number.  When you have fixed some stuff, you should send you
patches to Debian maintainer and either wait for new source upload or upload a
binary package with a .1 appended to the Debian revision number.
This is described in Debian policy manual (get it from any Debian mirror under

> Anyway, my recompiled package it is called pgp-us_2.6.3-2_sparc.deb
> specifying that it is for another architecture, so I don't need
> to change the -n number, didn't I?

Should'nt be -3? Lars has uploaded a 2.6.3-3 release ;-)

> Another question: I have the gcc and gdb package for debian
> sparc. The mantainers of i386 packages, didn't accepted my
> patches, because they are too much :), and they are especially
> for sources. So I must *mantain* the packages until sparc-linux
> patches are integrated in gcc and gdb sources. Now what policy
> have I to follow? I must change the mantainer field, and then
> dupload the package... right?

Maybe. Sorry but I don't have experience on this field.
Anyone has better idea?

> Excuse me if I'm boring you with these kind of questions, but
> now our sparc porting is becaming "ufficial" and I don't want
> to make something wrong...

PS: Im' CC'ing this mail to debian-sparc mailing for further discussion about it.


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