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Re: my attempt to install

Robert Nemkin wrote:
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> > 
> > Eric Delaunay wrote:
> > > Thanks.  Did you make further testing of it after you have relinked console to
> > > the right device & added fdisk into the root tree?
> > 
> > Bdale, I just checked the Debian init process and it does'nt even try to detect
> > serial consoles.  In the meantime however, I think you can pass
> > "tty1=off tty2=off console=/dev/ttyS0" to the kernel as a workaround
> > (boot net tty1=...  at monitor prompt).
> On the other hand, you might want to
> disable the getty programs for /dev/tty{1,2,3,4,5,6} in /etc/inittab
> because it might cause problems, when no 
> framebuffer in the machine.

Oh, yes, it is necessary to edit inittab but only on the target disk, just
after you have installed the base system (comment out getty for tty[1-6] and
add a line to spawn getty for ttyS0: "S0:23:respawn:/sbin/getty -h ttyS0 9600").

boot-floppies' init (used when you boot from net the first time) is a specific
implementation and doesn't rely on /etc/inittab.  ttys are hardcoded and can
be redirected/disabled by environment settings (kernel passes each x=y
argument as environment variable).

So tty?=off disables using of extra ttys for boot-floppies init process
and console= redirects the main tty to first serial port.
Only one tty can't be redirected: tty3 which logs internal init messages,
but it doesn't hurt when no device is connected to.


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