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Re: my attempt to install

Robert Nemkin wrote:
> > Yes, openpromfs module can be used to look at all bootrom parameters.  However
> > I don't know what is the output of "input-device" & "output-device" files when
> > a serial console is used.
> Both have to be set to ttya if /dev/cua0 used and to ttyb if /dev/cua1.

> > Can you send me contents of each file under /proc/openprom/options?
> > Moreover, is the serial port need special initialisation at boot time?
> Hmmm. may be I misscompiled my kernel but I have no
> /proc/openprom...
/proc/openprom is provided by openpromfs (CONFIG_SUN_OPENPROMFS=y|m).


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