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Re: my attempt to install

Sorry for duplicate Bdale, I forgot to reply to debian-sparc mailing list.
So I post my mail again :-(

Bdale Garbee wrote:
> > > I (correctly) assumed this meant that I really needed video hardware.
> > 
> > No, you weren't correct. This means, that you should
> > remade a link in the /dev directory to point to the correct
> > console. I mean: ln -sf /dev/cua0 /dev/console or whatever.
> Ok.  If that's all it takes, then we need to come up with a way to detect that
> a keyboard isn't present, so that the console link can be created correctly
> at the top of the install process, before the color vs monochrome question.
> Thoughts?  The bootrom knows, and the kernel's debugging output is going to
> the right place until this point.  Might there be a dropping in /proc
> somewhere?

Yes, openpromfs module can be used to look at all bootrom parameters.  However
I don't know what is the output of "input-device" & "output-device" files when
a serial console is used.
Can you send me contents of each file under /proc/openprom/options?
Moreover, is the serial port need special initialisation at boot time?

> Since I'm using an NFS root, just changing the link would be easy, but that
> won't be true for a floppy install.
> > The best way I found to install debian on a sparc
> > is to get Dave Miller's rescue boot/root disk pair from
> > vger. 
> Good to know.  I don't really have time to contribute to the sparc development
> effort, since I'm working on boot disks for AXP right now, and have a heavy
> commitment to a non-Debian hobby project, too.  However, I can try to make
> time to test new install disk snapshots and grouse on the list about what I
> don't like...  :-)
Thanks.  Did you make further testing of it after you have relinked console to
the right device & added fdisk into the root tree?

> I'll see what I can do to help.  The package building effort is important, but
> is a parallel effort to making a good boot/install process, as long as all the
> packages for that effort are available.  We obviously at least need to get
> a working cfdisk/fdisk/whatever built for the install process, I don't know
> what else might be lacking, yet.
In fact, I checked my boot disks and saw there is no fdisk available :-((
It's a mistake I should repair as soon as possible!


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