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Re: New in Debian/Sparc

Juan Cespedes wrote:
> 	Hi!
> 	I'm Juan Cespedes, from Spain, and would like to help the
> project; I have one Sparc Classic with RedHat 4.0 and two SparStation
> 10 with Solaris (one of which, at least, will have Linux in short).
> 	I would like to know where can I get the packages which have
> been ported (lix.polytechnique.fr, perhaps?) and what could I do to
> help.
> 	Is it still necesary to begin with a RedHat installation?  I
> would like to do the necessary to avoid that (I don't have any RedHat
> CD, nor any mirror near here).
> Juan Cespedes

Welcome to our Debian for the SPARC list :-)

you can start a Debian installation from network using a set of archives from
one ftp site under .../disks-sparc/970328. 
Currently, the master site is ftp://lix.polytechnique.fr/pub/Linux/debian/sparc
There is also one mirror site at ftp://ftp.geog.ubc.ca/pub/sparclinux/debian
(look at it to find other mirrors of sparclinux stuff that are candidates to
also mirror debiansparc).

So, download the stuff to configure for bootstrapping from .../disks-sparc/970328
directory then read Debian-SPARC.txt.  It tries to explain how to start.

After you have installed the base system, you can try to install other
packages from .../binary-sparc distribution.
This distribution is far from completeness but can help you to start.
Especially, there is a gcc package to help us compiling more, more packages...

Robert Nemkin <buci@bucipc.math.klte.hu> is now an active developer on this
list.  He has built some packages you can find at ftp://silver.drk.hu/pub/debian-sparc
There is a make program, ... and also a vi binary (elvis.gz).

Hope it helps.

 Eric Delaunay                 | "La guerre justifie l'existence des militaires.
 delaunay@lix.polytechnique.fr | En les supprimant." Henri Jeanson (1900-1970)

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