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Re: OT: HOW-TO report a bug?

On Mon, Jul 10, 2000 at 05:50:17PM +0800, zhaoway wrote:
> I have extensive experience with Mutt and Gnus/XEmacs and quite
> some other MUA/MTA. The question here is that I now WANT THINGS
> SIMPLE. ;) ....

所以也尽量把痛苦淡忘。不错,为什么 Netscape、Outlook、Eudora 等可以,

  当然,其中一个原因,就是 exim、mutt 等功能多多,又「强」,
给用户全盘操纵,「难学」的代价是「难免」的……  <--- 自嘲 ^_^

  听说 KDE 的 KMail 和 GNOME 的 PAN、??? (Balsa??) 将会跟 Netscape、
Outlook 等一样易用,我有个朋友就是这样,很简单的设置好 KMail 就可以用
了,不必麻烦 sendmail、exim 等东西。但愿这些日子早日到来。

  不过,话说回来,其实 /usr/sbin/eximconfig 也相当不错啦,
选 "Satellite System"、答几条问题就配置好了。不过,制出来的 /etc/exim.conf
里的东西,有部分我还是一头雾水,只能抱 "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

  没法子,逐步逐步来吧!终有一天,GNU/Linux 系统会比 MS Windows
更易用! ^_^

> $ dpkg -s bug
> Recommends: mail-transport-agent
> ^^^^^^^^^^
> $ dpkg -s reportbug
> Suggests: mail-transport-agent
> ^^^^^^^^
> (I.e. not Depends:)

  奇怪……不 Depends mail-transport-agent,叫人家怎么寄?
你有兴趣写份 bug report 吗?  ^_^  (我搞中文化的东西搞累了,

> >   这些都是所有自己没有 domain name 的 GNU/Linux、*BSD 拨号用户
> > 都要处理的问题吧,不是 Debian 系统存心挖苦你的! ^_^
> I am NOT saying its ``on purpose(?)'', that would be ridiculous
> and stupid. Just IMHO this would probablly not be labeled as a
> glorification under the Name of GNU(/Linux, *BSD). :P

  (我在开玩笑的啦!) ^_^  赵蔚兄说的是。 The good part is that
there is so much raw power at our hands.  The bad part is that it takes
a LONG time to learn how to do it.

  要去睡了…… 希望做个甜美的梦…… zzzZZzzzZZzzzZzzz  :-)


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foka@ualberta.ca, foka@debian.org    University of Alberta, Canada
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