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Re: question about placements in /usr/share/xml

Mark Johnson (mark@dulug.duke.edu) wrote:
> Quoting Ardo van Rangelrooij <ardo@debian.org>:
> > 
> > Why do you have SGML catalogs under /usr/share/xml?  I would expect them to
> > be under /usr/share/sgml (together with the symlinks).
> I don't agree. Nor do I see how you could put catalogs "together with the
> symlinks". 
> The catalogs (SGML or XML) should reside in with the package files. Think about
> it for awhile - it makes sense. Put another way: why would the SGML catalogs
> (for an xml resource) go any place _but_ the package installation directory(s)?
> An SGML catalog is not an SGML resource (e.g. dtd, stylesheet), so why would it
> go into /usr/share/sgml?
> I really don't get your point here, which is odd, since you're usually right.
> Score:)

The SGML catalog systen only lives in /etc/sgml and /usr/share/sgml, _not_ under
/usr/share/xml.  So, the root SGML catalog file only knows about package SGML
catalog files that live in /etc/sgml which on their turn only know about local
SGML catalogs living under /usr/share/sgml.  Local SGML catalog files should be
installed in the directories where the entities have been symlinked into



		       /foo.dtd <== symlink to /usr/share/xml/foo/foo.dtd

So, the package foo installs the local XML catalog together with the foo.dtd in
/usr/share/xml/foo, and installs the local SGML catalog file together with the
symlink to /usr/share/xml/foo/foo.dtd in /usr/share/sgml/dtd.

Why would the local SGML catalog file be installed under /usr/share/xml?  It has
no business there.  Its business is under /usr/share/sgml, so that's where it is
to be installed.

Ardo van Rangelrooij
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