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Re: timing Re: Debian XML/SGML (partial) Policy Draft Available

> Well, it's been a week now and I haven't gotten a round tuit. 
> How fast do you need input? 

No hurry - this project will take some time, and will (for awhile, at least)
depend heavily on feedback from people like you.

Let me assure you, and everyone else, that the policy development process
will be an on-going project. 

For example, we can have a working xml catalog policy in a week, but
whatever form that policy takes is always subject to change. Same goes for
the other parts of the XML/SGML policy. 

As always, it'll take awhile to get the bugs out:)

> Because to be honest, there is very little
>chance I can take a decent look at this for another two to three
>weeks. On the other hand, I tought it a pretty good idea if I took a
>look, particularly with an eye towards how suitable the setup is for
>TEI. (I would very much like to have a TEI Debian package someday.)


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