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Debian XML/SGML (partial) Policy Draft Available

Hi All,

Lately I've been working on the policy draft for XML and SGML

At this point, only Chapters 2 & 3 (covering directory layouts, etc.)
are anywhere near being finished.

I haven't yet tackled the two chapters (4 & 5) on XML and SGML
catalogs and their usage. They're not at all up-to-date; some of the
material in them is simply wrong. (Chapter 6 on caching will not even
be addressed until we get everything else working.)

Some notable differences from present policy are due to the
/usr/share/[xml/sgml] split. For example, the directory layouts for
DTDs and stylesheets under /use/share/[xml/sgml]/docbook/ have
changed. (I use DocBook for the sample cases.)

Please feel free to provide feedback on any of the first three

I've built an HTML version that can be found here:


I'll now get to work on the catalog sections.


P.S. I'm not going to check the XML sources into the DDP CVS until I'm
     finished restructuring the docs. Some of them need to be split,

Mark Johnson        <mark@dulug.duke.edu>
Debian XML/SGML     <mrj@debian.org>
Home Page:          <http://dulug.duke.edu/~mark/>
GPG fp: 50DF A22D 5119 3485 E9E4  89B2 BCBC B2C8 2BE2 FE81

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