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OASIS rep for Debian/debian-oasis mailing list

Hi Ben,

When we join OASIS in a few days we'll need to designate an individual
as the official Debian representative for OASIS.

The rep is the person who provides the single Debian vote on OASIS
Consortium issues like Board of Director Elections, spec --> standard
votes, and the like. 

IMHO, the DPL is not necessarily the best choice for this position, as
it clearly needs to be someone who knows what's going on at OASIS,
i.e., someone who's involved in OASIS activities. (I know what you're

It'd make sense for that person to be me, or Ardo, or Mark Eichin (if
he becomes OASIS-active). I other words, it also needs to someone who
has more than a passing familiarity with SGML.

In a nutshell, you need to appoint someone. (Or some committee does, I

Lemme know the result of your deliberations:-)


P.S. As part of the Debian-OASIS project, I think it makes good sense
     to form another mailing list: debian-oasis. I believe the list is
     needed because a decent share of OASIS-related issues may not
     involve SGML. Like, e.g., Board Elections, or other OASIS
     political stuff. I'm submitting a bug report to lists.debian.org,
     as instructed in the relevant HOWTO, for this purpose.

Mark Johnson        <mark@duke.edu>
Debian SGML         <mrj@debian.org>
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