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Re: OASIS rep for Debian/debian-oasis mailing list

On Fri, Mar 15, 2002 at 12:51:35PM -0500, Mark Johnson wrote:
> When we join OASIS in a few days we'll need to designate an individual
> as the official Debian representative for OASIS.

Hey Mark...

When mailing me in my capacity as SPI Treasurer, which I guess is what
you're doing, please mail treasurer@spi-inc.org.

> P.S. As part of the Debian-OASIS project, I think it makes good sense
>      to form another mailing list: debian-oasis. I believe the list is
>      needed because a decent share of OASIS-related issues may not
>      involve SGML. Like, e.g., Board Elections, or other OASIS
>      political stuff. I'm submitting a bug report to lists.debian.org,
>      as instructed in the relevant HOWTO, for this purpose.

You probably need to mail listmaster@lists.debian.org for this.

Congratulations on getting this together so quickly!

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