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Debian/OASIS donors meet $1k goal

On , March 13, Mark Eichin wrote:

> Ok, I'll chip in another $250 for the first year, 


Your pledge brings us up to the $1000 goal. We've made it!

FYI: the donors are

	Tony Mancill		$250
	Ardo van Rangelrooij 	$250
	Mark Johnson (me) 	$250
	Mark Eichin (you)	$250	
> assuming that 

> (1) the resolution [or whatever] passes, ie. this would be an earmarked donation

Yep, I'm working out the details of routing the donations through SPI,
which also means that your donation will be tax-decuctible.

Also, Ben (as DPL) needs to sign off as well. I still need to contact

> (2) the secretary sends me the info on how to submit the money correctly and 
> successfully.  

Either I or the secretary will inform all donors as to how & where to
make their payments so that it's all done properly.

I'll take care of the necessary bureaucratic inquiries and get back to
you, Tony & Ardo as soon as I have some definite info on how to
proceed with your donations.

BTW, I think this should go into the Weekly News. I'll look into that
as well.


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