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Re: Debian joning OASIS?

On Monday, March 11, Russell Coker wrote:
> On Mon, 11 Mar 2002 16:18, Mark Johnson wrote:
> If you can find one other Debian developer to pay $250 then I will
> vote for the rest being paid for from Debian funds.

That would be great, Russell. I'll vote with you as well.

I'd honestly be surprised if I/we had no takers.

'Guess we'll have to wait & see what the general consensus is.

BTW, I'm not too clear on the relationship between Debian and the GNU
project, but if the GNU project truly includes Debian we also have the
option to pursue a membership for the GNU Project proper, thereby
including Debian automatically.. 

The downside comes from the fact that in a few general situations, a
member organization only gets 1 (one) vote.

For example, in the following situations, there would only be one "GNU
Project" vote, and no Debian vote, per se:

	- promoting an OASIS spec to an OASIS "Standard" 
	- non project-specific technical resolutions, and
	- Board of Directors elections 

My gut feeling is that such an arrangement might over-complicate the
situation and hence hamper the effectiveness of Debian participation

I therefore suggest we not pursue the GNU Project angle.

> Of course if they let Debian in for free then that's even better!  

Nope. Not a possibility. I checked it out already.


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