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Re: Debian joining OASIS?

On Mon, 11 Mar 2002, Norman Walsh wrote:
> 1. If Debian joins (as an organization) all of the members of Debian
> get in and can join any TC they want, create TCs, etc. Otherwise, each
> individual has to pony up their own $250 individual membership.
> 2. At the committee level, there's no difference between individual
> members and organizational members. If Mark joins as an individual, he
> gets the same rights within the DocBook TC as everyone else on the TC.
> But when it comes time to advance a Committee Specification to an
> OASIS Standard, only member organizations, not individual members, get
> to vote. If more than 10% vote no (or less than 10% vote yes), the
> specification does not become a Standard.
> So, Debian as an organization would have more clout. Is that clout
> worth $1000? I really don't know.

Well, *IF* we have 4 or more people that have a real need for the
membership, then it clearly does.  I would also vote for paying the second
half of the membership (US$500) from Debian funds if individual developers
feel that such a membership is worth they rising the other US$250.  IMHO
that is a fair way to access the perceived real need of said membership by
the developers that would make use of such [a membership].

When it comes the time of renewing the membership, it is a simple matter of
taking notice of the work done in that year using the membership to verify
if it was clearly worth it (renew), maybe worth it (vote) or not worth it

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