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Re: Debian Services Census

On Wed, 19 Feb 2014, Ingo Jürgensmann wrote:
> In fact it doesn't duplicate an existing service. Its focus is
> different than the buildd.d.o site.

The site says “These pages are intended to show additional information to
http://buildd.debian.org or more exactly it is basically the same
information, but shown in a different, maybe better readable form.”

You might want to clarify.

> Beside that the name is because it's about build daemons, short: buildd.
> It's new to me that "buildd" is a reserved trademark of Debian and I
> believe that it's common knowledge for nearly everyone who deals with
> buildds that official Debian services will run under a debian.org
> domain, which is clearly not the case fuer buildd.net.

mentors.debian.net is "official" since it's the only implementation of that
service. Yet it's not in debian.org.

So IMO the domain name is not really a reliable criteria.

buildd.net is neither a debian.net nor a debian.org so its status is not
immediately obvious.

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