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Debian Services Census


We've just started the Debian Services Census and we'd like *you* to
participate in it.

The Debian Services Census is an attempt to gather detailed information
about software services for the Debian community. It doesn't matter
where these services live or who provides them. For now we are only
interested in their existence.

Services can be anything from the mail forwarding service for
@debian.org addresses that lives on master.debian.org operated by DSA,
web applications, email bots, command line scripts you can run on
debian.org machines, automated package checkers that report bugs to
people, Debian-related services that people run on their own
infrastructure like screenshots.debian.net and son on.  Have a look at
https://wiki.debian.org/Services for more examples.

If you think it's a service, then we think it's a service too and we
want to know about it. Feel free to contribute data whether you are the
maintainer of that service or not.

Here is how to let us know about the service:

- please visit https://wiki.debian.org/Services and verify if the
  service is already listed there
- if the service you had in mind is *not* listed, please create an entry
  for it using the "Add a new service" button.

If you are the maintainer of a service, we also encourage you to
subscribe to the debian-services-admin@lists.debian.org mailing list,
which is a low-traffic list and should be the contact point for
inter-service communication and coordination.

Best regards,
zobel & enrico

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