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Re: Debian services and Debian infrastructure


This one time, at band camp, Olivier Berger said:
> Hi.
> So IMHO the availability of cloud VMs for people to experiment with (and
> with root privileges), and on debian.net would be a plus.
> Now, of course that doesn't mean that the prototypes installed there
> will be ready for production on DSA managed machines runing stable and
> with of course every dependencies in real packages. 


I'd like to think about/document repeatable patterns for developers
working on applications for deployment on debian systems.  I suspect
what is going on here is that, until relatively recently, we saw (roughly
speaking) the same 20 or 30 people involved in infrastructure development
efforts around the project, and there have been an awful lot of unspoken
assumptions and things that we've never written down because everyone
involved pretty much knew where things are.

Looked at from a certain point of view, it's good that we're having
these discussions, and even the misunderstandings.  It means that new
people are getting involved, and we need to help them a bit more.  I'd
also like to see new people work with us and/or existing teams a bit to
learn the existing idioms instead of assuming it's ok to make up new
ones, but maybe that's hoping for too much.

I'm not sure how to encourage new people looking to get involved while
simultaneously discouraging this idea that it's a good idea to go away
and develop in isolation - that's been a development anti-pattern for a
long time, and shouldn't still be something we need to bang on about.

> But that's another problem, about communicating with DSA early
> enough... and I'm not sure I know where to find the right contact point
> / procedure ATM. 

Is it unclear how to contact DSA?  Or is there some other part of it
that is unclear?

> I'm still not sure if posting on debian-services-admin@l.d.o is a
> potential way to make sure some educated colleagues (even DSA members)
> will be able to advice, review, and generally help service prototypes
> become production-ready.

It's a good start.  I think the team follows this list.
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