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Re: [SECURITY] [DSA 5113-1] firefox-esr security update

On 09.04.22 23:31, Moritz Mühlenhoff wrote:
> Friedhelm Waitzmann wrote:
>>> For the oldstable distribution (buster), these problems have
>>> been fixed in version 91.8.0esr-1~deb10u1.
>>  Where can I get this from for buster and architecture i386?
>> <http://security.debian.org/debian-security/dists/buster/updates/main/binary-i386/Packages.xz>
>>  does not have it.
> The Firefox ESR91 series triggers an internal compiler error
> with the GCC version included in Debian 10, so there's no build
> available currently.
> There's one for Debian 11 (where GCC builds it correctly), but
> I'd instead suggest to switch to amd64 instead.
> Cheers,
>         Moritz

  Could it be that also other programs are affected by this issue?
I have been building Coan (one of my programs) recently on the OBS and it did not build on Debian10/i586 giving an error at /usr/lib/qt5/bin/moc. The amd64 target did build well. Since all reasonable Qt programs use moc (Qt´s meta object compiler, see: signals) that would then mean that none of the Qt programs would build. Can that be true?

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