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Re: amd64 running on Intel Celeron and Pentium? (was: [SECURITY] [DSA 5113-1] firefox-esr security update)

On 13.04.22 16:44, piorunz wrote:

On 12/04/2022 04:59, Friedhelm Waitzmann wrote:
And if it is indeed possible, how can I switch from i386 to amd64?  Can this be done with the apt tools?  Then during the migrating some packages will be from amd64 already while others will be still i386.  How does that go right?

Celeron 440 for sure is 64-bit. Pentium 4 2.00 GHz I am not sure, there are many models and variations of this processor. Is it socket LGA775 also?

What about Spectre /Meltdown? P3/P4/Pentium M systems don´t have that? Core 2 systems to my knowledge can.

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