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Re: are unattended updates a good idea?

On Sat, 2015-01-31 at 09:58 +0100, Ml Ml wrote:
> Do you think it is a good idea to do security updates automatically?

I've always avoided this for the same reasons as you, but thinking back
over the last 10 years, I don't think I've ever had an update break
something, so maybe it's time to try...

> Or are you maybe using something completly diffrent like puppet?

I currently use Ansible, which I run weekly against all my servers,
unless there is a critical update in which case I run it immediately.
For a variety of reasons I'm about to move to Rexify, but the concept
will be the same.

> Whats your practical experience with lots of servers?  (i am not
> interested in theoretical advises :-P )

I'd be interested to hear other people's ideas and experiences though.


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