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Re: about bash and Debian Lenny

On 06/10/14 20:40, Simon Valiquette wrote:
> Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez un jour écrivit:
>>>> Maybe your http client is unable to understand Content-Encoding: gzip ?
>>> I downloaded the files from the provided location with Links2 web
>>> browser. The file bash_3.2-4+deb5u1.dsc was a gzipped file. After
>>> decompressing it became standard .dsc file.
>> I don't know what is wrong with your setup, but I'm not able to
>> reproduce that.
>> $ wget
>> http://people.igalia.com/clopez/bash-shellshock-lenny/bash_3.2-4+deb5u1.dsc
> Of course you can't as you didn't even tried to reproduce it using the
> same application (here links2).

Of course that I can. The user is not complaining about a bug on links2,
but about me having uploaded a broken dsc file. So I think that I'm free
to use any tool that I wish to demonstrate that I didn't uploaded a
broken file.

Also, you are assuming that I didn't tried to reproduce that with
links2, which is not true. Before posting, I tried to download the file
with links2 (testing) and it worked just fine. I just used the wget
example because is easier to write here (or on the shell) the command to
directly download a file.

> That said, both links and links2 on Debian stable seems to work fine. 
> As stated, it is probably an issue related with "Content-Encoding: gzip"
> or a user mistake.
> If it can be reproduced, it should probably be talked about on the
> links2 BTS page instead of here.  In any case, bash_3.2-4+deb5u1.dsc is
> fine AFAIK.


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