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Re: MIT discovered issue with gcc

On 13Nov26:1545-0500, David L. Craig wrote:

> On 13Nov26:1437-0500, Mark Haase wrote:
> > Therefore, a Linux distribution has 2 choices: (1) wait for upstream
> > patches for bugs/vulnerabilities as they are found, or (2) recompile all
> > packages with optimizations disabled. I don't think proposal #2 would get
> > very far...
> Well, there's always -O1 as opposed to no optimization.
> BTW, -O1 is the minimum permitted for making gcc or glibc,
> I forget which.

I'm rebuilding glibc 2.18 now with -O1 after it refused -O0,
but binutils 2.23.2, gcc 4.8.1, and g++ 4.8.1 are fine with
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