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MIT discovered issue with gcc


I understand that Debian has a bunch of vulnerabilities as described in
the following PDF.


Just a small quote:

"This paper presents the first systematic approach for
reasoning about and detecting unstable code. We implement
this approach in a static checker called Stack, and
use it to show that unstable code is present in a wide
range of systems software, including the Linux kernel and
the Postgres database. We estimate that unstable code
exists in 40% of the 8,575 Debian Wheezy packages that
contain C/C++ code. We also show that compilers are
increasingly taking advantage of undefined behavior for
optimizations, leading to more vulnerabilities related to
unstable code."

This looks very serious indeed, but a quick search of Debian mailing
lists didn't show anything being acknowledged for this issue.... should
Debian users be concerned?

Kind Regards

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