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Re: MIT discovered issue with gcc

Miles, the GCC developers don't consider this to be a bug, and so I doubt that any of it will be "fixed". For example, here is a "bug" cited in the paper:


If you have a moment, read through that thread. It gets pretty testy as the developers argue over whether or not it's a bug. Eventually it was closed as "invalid', i.e. not really a true bug. It's not just GCC, either. Take a look at this series of blog posts by the LLVM team: 


Compiler developers, for better or worse, reserve the right to do whatever they want with undefined behavior, and it's up to the person writing the C code to not include undefined behavior in their own program.

Therefore, a Linux distribution has 2 choices: (1) wait for upstream patches for bugs/vulnerabilities as they are found, or (2) recompile all packages with optimizations disabled. I don't think proposal #2 would get very far...

On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 1:54 PM, Miles Fidelman <mfidelman@meetinghouse.net> wrote:
Going back through the discussion on this thread, I'm taken by two main reactions:

- discussion of the specific class of bugs/security holes
- a lot of comments that "this is an issue for upstream"

What I haven't seen, so I'll add it to the discussion, is that this strikes me as an issue for "WAY upstream" - i.e., if gcc's optimizer is opening a class of security holes - then it's gcc that has to be fixed, after which that class of holes would go away after the next build of any impacted package.

Miles Fidelman

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