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Re: INVALID state and no known connection.

Hi Reid

Okay, no problem. So, everything is fine even with this
INVALID entries in log files?

2013/4/11 Reid Sutherland <reid@vianet.ca>
I don't think you need to remove the syslog tag, just know that when you see that syslog entry, it's related to the rule that has the tag.

On 2013-04-10, at 11:34 AM, Daniel Curtis <sidetripping@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Mr Rolf
> Okay, I will check these values; /proc/net/ip_conntrack etc.
> Generally it is normal, that there are INVALID connections, right?
> Yes, I'm seeing this syslog tag. Should I remove it from my iptables
> script (e.g. -j LOG --log-prefix etc.)?

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