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Re: INVALID state and no known connection.

Hi Daniel,

On 09/04/13 21:05 +0200, Daniel Curtis wrote:
Hi andika.

Another INVALID packet description. I read a lot of
information and I don't know what is the truth. Frankly,
the first time I see a description, which concerns RAM memory.

So, I have a 1 GB of RAM memory. Just for example; free -m
command result;
used: 640, free: 230

and top command;
891896k total, 677284k used, 214612k free

As we can see, system detected 870 MB instead 1 GB (1024 MB).
So what is the relationship between INVALID packets and RAM
memory? Honestly, I don't understand it.

The infomation about connections is stored in
/proc/net/ip_conntrack. The maximum connections
being tracked are configured in

If you have a lot of connections, you might want
to increase the values (f.e. if you use bittorrent
or similar protocols). Every connections beeing
tracked needs some RAM.
You could also check, if the connections timed
out and then increase the timeout values.

HTH Rolf

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