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Re: Out of office replies

> "Stephen Vaughan" <stephenvaughan@gmail.com> wrote:
>> When will people learn not to set auto replies

Nothing wrong with a proper auto-reply (one that does some decent
caching, only replies once a day, avoids mailing lists and things with
precedence: bulk, etc etc).

The problem IMHO is that that is so hard to do. For example, our own
auto-reply exim router (as requested by clients) checks for about 16
different headers in an attempt to avoid the most common non-human
entities (mailman, roundup, eBay).

So first prize is not having to use an auto-reply at all. Second prize
is one that checks for common headers at the very least. If you don't
have enough control over this (for example you're running exchange)
you should either not subscribe that email address to a list, or you
should not use the vacation feature.

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