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Re: Out of office replies

In article <[🔎] e2e2e5500901162250s61454d0bh76d73469bfaefc21@mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
> So first prize is not having to use an auto-reply at all. Second prize
> is one that checks for common headers at the very least. If you don't
> have enough control over this (for example you're running exchange)
> you should either not subscribe that email address to a list, or you
> should not use the vacation feature.

Exchnage is observing the precedence: list header. What I had done is a exim
smarthost with some filters (like "if From: *-owner@") just adding the
precendence header to stop auto answers to lists which do not set the
headers right. Ultimately the problem is on the site of the list software
(in the case of missing header).


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