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Re: security mirror out of date:

--On May 15, 2007 12:14:28 AM +0300 Tomas Nykung <tomas2@multi.fi> wrote:

What I don't understand is why I always got the bad mirror, regardless
how many times I tried to rerun aptitude/apt-get update both yesterday
and today (and on two computers while the first one I upgraded did get
the upgrade without any problem).

The only way I could get the upgraded kernel version was to wget it
and install i by hand.

Not that I will lose any sleep because of this ;) but if someone have
time to shed some light on this I would be grateful.

Random luck, or, probably as, or more likely, bad caching resolver that doesn't round-robin it's cached replies.

Michael Loftis
Modwest Operations Manager
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