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Re: When are security updates effective?r

On Thu, 31 Aug 2006, Hans wrote:

It's a good idea but it will not catch all cases, some apps run for days
without any user interventions, nothing garanties that the pop up will
be seen, sending an email if the popup is not didmissed after a delay
could mitigate this.

I agree it will not catch all cases, but it will catch a good deal more than
the current situation. Sending an email may help catch some more cases, but
then a process may belong to a noninteracting user who never receives/reads
email. Maybe we can also have another timer which will actually send a
SIGTERM to still running processes which need to be restarted, after the
email also went unnoticed. But then, there might be cases in which you do
know what you are doing and really don't want to interrupt the running
process (say a very long scientific calculation on a completely isolated,
dedicated computer, where security is not a problem). There is no "one size
fits all" solution.



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