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Re: When are security updates effective?

On Wed, 30 Aug 2006, Noah Meyerhans wrote:

workstations for which I'm responsible, and it's difficult for me to
make sure that the users e.g. restart firefox when we release an update.

It would be nice to agree to a convention whereas when an app gets some
well-defined signal it ought to tell the user it needs to be restarted as
soon as possible. Then we could add some simple logic to the postinst
scripts for security updates using, e.g., lsof to find which processes are
using the replaced library and send signals to them. Ok, it's not something
in the short term but it would be sensible in the long run. And it could
actually work. Otherwise, another (sort of) solution would be to have the
script identify the user that is running the process to be restarted and use
a standardised solution to tell him/her the app ought to be restarted (e.g.
wall on a terminal, a popup if he/she is running it on a graphical
environment). Whaddya think?



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