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Re: avahi-daemon

Philipp A. Hartmann wrote:
> But still it's only a Recommends. Therefore, rhythmbox needs to handle
> the absence og avahi-daemon gracefully, since you cannot rely on it's
> installation. For sake of plug-and-play and comfort, this might be even
> done in some kind of GUI message, which tells the user what to do, if
> he/she wants to access a feature, that requires the daemon's presence.

If avahi is not running, rhythmbox prints this to std(something) on 
startup and/or when you enble sharing in its prefs:

(rhythmbox:24998): Rhythmbox-WARNING **: Unable to start mDNS browsing

(rhythmbox:24998): Rhythmbox-WARNING **: Unable to notify network of music sharing

Otherwise it behaves fine.

see shy jo

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