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Re: avahi-daemon

Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> - rhythmbox does not mention music sharing *at*all* in the package
>   description. Even the GUI doesn't mention this (when starting it up
>   for the first time) nor the documentation (in it's 'Introduction')

Rhythmbox doesn't go broadcasting files over the network without being
explcitly told to do so in the prefs. It does do mdns discovery of other
music shares on the network automatically though.

> - a default GNOME install should *not* install a network service, even if that
>   enabled new features to the users. Consequently, if rhythmbox is part of
>   the GNOME task, it should not pull in ahavi-daemon automatically 
>   (a "Recommends:" is automatic for aptitude, not for apt-get, and aptitude
>   is the tool we suggest in our Release Notes for upgrades)

Does aptitude actually pull in new recommends when upgrading a package?
IIRC it did not.

see shy jo

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