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Re: Abwesenheit

On Fri, 16 Sep 2005, Horst Pflugstaedt wrote:

> Normally a reasonnably configured  utoresponder will only send this
> message once. So actually most of these ppl _are_ subscribed to d-s.
> >
> > > Badhearts (why should a black hat as such be a bad thing?) might take
> > > advantage of a sysadmin's absence to break into systems, houses,
> > > relationships, ...
> >
> > You're right.
> Is he? I think the risk of potential harm is higher if people do _not_
> know that you are not at work than if some people _do_ know you are not.
> Just think of a customer waiting for a reply to an email...

Perhaps you are right, that the potential harm can be greater if customers
do not know you are at work. But in fact I do not care who on this list is
having a great time on the beach or what ever.

So if someone uses such a autoresponder, he should know that the d-s list
is not a customer and could configure it in such a way that it will not
respond to d-s. For me that would be a resonable configured autoresponder.



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