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Re: Abwesenheit

On Fri, 2005-09-16 at 18:56 +0200, Thomas Stemler wrote:
> Perhaps you are right, that the potential harm can be greater if customers
> do not know you are at work. But in fact I do not care who on this list is
> having a great time on the beach or what ever.
> So if someone uses such a autoresponder, he should know that the d-s list
> is not a customer and could configure it in such a way that it will not
> respond to d-s. For me that would be a resonable configured autoresponder.

A properly configured autoresponder sees that *your* emailaddress isn't
in the TO or CC field, and simply ignores the email. Specifying which
emailaddress should or shouldn't be answered isn't the solution,
specifying the recipient addresses on which an autoresponder triggers
is. Also, checking the mailheaders for signs of mailinglists helps.



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