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Re: Debian Security Support in Place

Lupe Christoph wrote:
> > The security team will continue to support Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 alias
> > woody until May 2006, or if the security support for the next release,
> > codenamed etch, starts, whatever happens first.
> This is equivalent to saying "We will rip security support for oldstable
> from under your feet at any time just as we please".

No, it is not.  Please read again.

> This is not acceptable in a production environment. May 2006 is less
> than a full year anyhow, which is very short for a production
> environment.

It'll be end of May 2006, which will be one year minus 6 days or so
after the release of sarge.  Do we need to discuss days?

> So in essence the announcement says "screw you, commercial customers".

Please read again, you failed.



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