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Re: Debian Security Support in Place

> The security team will continue to support Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 alias
> woody until May 2006, or if the security support for the next release,
> codenamed etch, starts, whatever happens first.

This is equivalent to saying "We will rip security support for oldstable
from under your feet at any time just as we please".

This is not acceptable in a production environment. May 2006 is less
than a full year anyhow, which is very short for a production

I have several machine I cannot update before January 2006 because I
have a contract that keeps me busy fulltime for a different customer.
That contract may be prolonged.

Incidentally, that customer is using SLES 8 (SuSE Linux Enterprise
Server) and has no capacity to upgrade to SLES 9 for at least a year.
With SLES 8, this is not a problem because of the long suppprt
timeframe. Which is exactly the reason they go with SLES rather than the
regular SuSE releases.

So in essence the announcement says "screw you, commercial customers".

Please don't do that. It makes promoting Debian awkward.

Thank you for your attention,
Lupe Christoph
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| ask what you can do for your computer.                                 |

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