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Re: Packet sniffing & regular users

Incoming from Alvin Oga:
> On Wed, 2 Mar 2005, David Mandelberg wrote:
> > s. keeling wrote:
> > > Isn't it generally accepted that black hats who get local access (ie.,
> > > a user login account) is _much_ worse than black hats who've been kept
> anybody and everybody has "local access" with or without permission
> > > out?  Assuming black hat wants root, taking over a user's account is a
> > > very big first step.
> that's trivial to do ... assuming you allow anybody to reboot a pc

Are you confusing "local access" with "physical access?"  With the
latter, all bets are off and any security you rely on on the running
system is irrelevant.

> sniffers:
> 	http://linux-sec.net/Sniffers
> 	i like pfilt.pl ... anybody, non-techies can use it and sniff


Your link points at wireless sniffers?  But thanks for that.
Interesting site.

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