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Re: repeated requests for a file favicon.ico - log

On Wed, 6 Oct 2004, Emil Perhinschi wrote:

> Sorry to bother, but is this an attack? I get repeated requests for a 
> file "favicon.ico" that should have been, or so the client connecting 
> believes, in the root of my htdocs. 

if you do NOT like those silly messages cluttering your apache log files
	- grep out those favicon.ico messages

	- or touch /home/apache/html/favicon.ico
	( cleans up the log files at least )

> site I am doing for a customer. This comes after some weeks of  attacks 
> and failed buffer overflow attempts, so I might be getting to nervous.

and were any of those attacks successful ?? 
- sounds like you had lots of free (script kiddie) security audits on
  your server :-)

always good to be nervous ... esp with customer data on your servers

c ya

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