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Re: Strange X11 Assersion

Thanks for the clarification. I had posted that I thought it was FUD, but my language was _too_ strong. Yeah, that makes sense, but it was presented to me on such a wide scale, that it didn't make sense to me. Would it be correct this this is about as severe, as have a root user at all. (Because the root password could be set to empty and them /proc/mem used to intercept other programs). An issue, but a manageable one (use a real password).

Philip Thiem

--On Monday, October 04, 2004 05:37:26 PM -0700 Dale Southard <dsouth@llnl.gov> wrote:

Philip Thiem <witwerg@icequake.net> writes:

Recently a friend made the assertion that I want to get some feed back

"if you connect to an x server you have access to the protocol stream
of any other user also connected to it"

I believe that this is more or less correct.

If you can connect to an X11 server, you can use either the RECORD,
XTrap, or DEC-XTrap extensions to access the protocol stream.  You can
also take control of input devices using XTEST.  There are some limits
(eg, I think openGL/GLX stuff that goes through DRI won't get posted).


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