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Strange X11 Assersion

Recently a friend made the assertion that I want to get some feed back on:

"if you connect to an x server you have access to the protocol stream of any other user also connected to it"

I couldn't get him to clarify at the time, but as a broad statement it
seems dubious (particularly the IT dept
he's working for has recent been taken over by a bunch of
Windows Kool-Aide Dispensers). But I acknowledge I that do not know everything, nor am I capable of speaking the X protocol fluently. I thought maybe he meant that unencrypted traffic could be sniffed, but claimed that wasn't it. I'm still trying to get more documentation on this inherent flaw. So.. does anyone have, clue what this could be talking about and what the scope of it would be? Or is this just BS/FUD?

Or would it be a better idea to post to a X.org or XFree86 mailing list?

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