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Re: Spyware / Adware

Davide Prina <DavidePrina@email.it> wrote:
> Under GNU/Linux I never see a program with some Adware/Spyware, all 
> program I have see are free software, but all come with source so it is 
> very hard to hide a SpyWare or an Adware.
> So I think that GNU/Linux is free of this type of pests if you use only 
> free software. Probably there are some non free software that run under 
> GNU/Linux that can have on it some of these.
Technically spoken there are some programs in debian (and also in every 
other dist) which have at least a spyware component, e.g. phone home 
configs and/or hardware of your computer.
And there's also a dedicated spyware-package: popularity-contest
One difference to the windows spyware programs is that (hopefully)
nobody earns money with the gathered data.
Also afaik all that programs require a confirmation from the user 
before phoneing home.
But that's also the case in most windows spyware programs, for example 
if you install the free version of kazaa it will also install the KMD 
Ad Support, but that's clearly stated in the licence agreement.


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