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Re: name based virtual host and apache-ssl - thanx

Michael Stone wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 24, 2004 at 06:14:52PM +0100, Elmar S. Heeb wrote:
>>Well, actually there is a solution: use wild cards in the name of the
>>keys.  You can make the certificate for *.mycompany.com for several web
>>sites within mycompany.com,
> That's probably not particularly useful for a virtual hosting service
> (presumably, customers would like their own name, otherwise they could
> just have ~whatever).
>>or you can go so far as to use * for any host name.
> Getting that signed by a useful registrar would be a trick.
but does all the IE versions (let's say since version 5) support wildcard in
the name?
I'm asking this because we were asked to host some sites that include online
store, and I think that most users when they see warning goes with the
default (which is not to continue display the page). 
btw, after discussing it with my boss, we decided to buy certificate from
versign. will this change the picture?


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