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RE: Tripwire (clone) which would you prefer?


Actually Im using Integrit with Coda. I store the binary and the database on a read only coda mount (you can't mount it rw unless you know the coda password), and its really fast and reliable. So my vote is Integrit, btw you should check all of them and then make a decision for you needs.

Best regards,
Domonkos Czinke

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Subject: Tripwire (clone) which would you prefer?


well, I looking for an open source intrusion detection. At first, tripwire 
caputures my attention, but the last open source version seems to be three 
years old - is it still in development or badly vulnerable?
Then I searched for tripwire in the woody packages and found integrit and 
bsign - so which would you prefer and why?
Are there any interesting other projekt that worth looking for?

Keep smiling

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