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Re: Encrypted backups

On 13/01/2004, Alexander Neumann wrote:
> * Marcus Williams <marcus@quintic.co.uk> wrote:
>> [I meant to send this to the list]

> Thanks. I was just writing a mail about honoring the
> Mail-Followup-To:-Header... ;)

Sigh.. one of my wish list items for TheBat! is proper reply actions
such as this. One day I'll get my arse into gear and try to write a
macro for it but until then.....

>> > You are able to store the backup-files on a local disk...
>> Yes, but then we lose the ability to take them offsite.

> Hu? Why that?

> Using duplicity you usually end up with a lot of files (all around 5MB
> in size) and you are freee to move them whereever you like.

Oh, ok. Perhaps I will give it a try. Obviously the next problem will
be how stable it is (theres mention of use in non-production
environment on the homepage). This is for my company's backups so it
has to be rock solid.



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