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Encrypted backups

Hi -

I am investigating ways of producing encrypted backups. Currently I
use afio and gpg (via tob) with something like:

afio -b 10240 -c 1000 -U -Z -P gpg -Q --symmetric -Q \
--passphrase-fd=3 -Q --no-verbose -Q --batch -Q --no-options \
-3 3 -o /dev/nst0 < $FILELIST 3<$PASSPHRASE

where $FILELIST is the list of files, and $PASSPHRASE is a path to a
file containing the passphrase for the backup set.

After a few tests, this method appears to be extremely slow (on a
simple 4mb archive, non encrypted method takes less than .5 secs,
encrypted takes about 7 secs) compared to non-encrypted backup sets
(which I was expecting). Does anyone know of ways to speed the process
up? Are there any other ways of getting an encrypted backup set that
might be faster?



Marcus Williams -- http://www.quintic.co.uk
Quintic Ltd, 39 Newnham Road, Cambridge, UK
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