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Does ucd-snmp have security issue that net-snmp before 5.0.9 has ?

Hi list,

 A few days ago, I recieved Redhat Errata Alert about Net-SNMP

 Vulnerability References:

 # that security fix was announced 3 months ago, I don't know
   about why Redhat release fixed-package so late ;)

 Debian's Net-SNMP package is not affected for it (except testing 
 - net-snmp 5.0.7-1.1 is there. it would be vulnerable), but there
 is  no information about ucd-snmp package. Net-SNMP was known as
 ucd-snmp, and Woody has ucd-snmp package. Just I'm worried 
 about if there is vulnerability or not.

 Does anyone know about this?



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