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Re: aide, apt-get and remote management...

On Thu, Dec 11, 2003 at 12:44:27PM +0100, DI Peter Burgstaller wrote:
> I'm trying to use aide now as well .. but with the default debian 
> config .. it produces
> every day massive changes .. especially to the /var/log/* files due to 
> logrotate.
> Any reasonable settings that account for that?

Peter Solobov has provided valuable suggestions.  What I would
like to add is that in my opinion you shouldn't try to eliminate
all occurances of reports about expected file changes.  Instead
let AIDE complain and utilize some mechanism to sort the report
entries according to their importance.  For example, you could
create a script which reorders the report so that changes made
to files under /usr/bin come first, then modifications detected
in /etc and finally any activity in the /var hierarchy.  If
you're smart enough the output could be colorized as well.


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