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Upgrading Kernels...

I'm a little confused as to how/when I should upgrade my kernel.  I'm not
subscribed to this list a present, so please include me in the cc.

I've seen several of the security annoucements concerning new/patched
versions of several of the Linux kernels, but I'm seldom sure if it
applies to me.  apt-get update; apt-get upgrade normally do not find
any packages.  (I have the security server in the source list.)

I'm using the 2.4.18.bf2.4 kernel.  I saw that new headers for it were 
added to the security server recently, but don't know what else is
needed.  Does the machine need to be reboot'ed, after the apt-get upgrade?

I saw that kernel images were provided for some of the other Linux kernels,
but not for the bf2.4 variant.  Does this mean that the bf2.4 variant is
already safe/patched as is, or that the packager/maintainer hasn't gotten to
it yet?

I'm a little wary of moving off the bf2.4, it seems to be the only one that
likes my network configuration.  Several of the machines I need to administer
are hard to get local access to, so if the network goes, I'm out of luck.

Please advise.  Thank you.

Eric Nielsen

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